Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome Sophie!!!!

     So over the weekend we brought home our first real rescue to the homestead. Her name is Sophie, she is 4 1/2 years old. I am not 100% sure what breeds she is but looks to have some Doberman or Coon Hound in her, she is very sweet and extremely intelligent. 

     She knows numerous commands and is great with the kids. She also doesn't even seem to notice the cats or rabbits at all. She came with her "safe spot", her pet taxi. I think she rather likes to avoid it if she can though. It is my opinion that even though I was told she was being giving up because they couldn't care for her with a baby and another on the way that she was never really wanted in the first place. She acts as though she was very physically mistreated, and cowers every-time me or my husband near her and shakes when she is handled by one of us. I have gotten her to lighten up a little with me, however she is completely terrified of my husband. It really saddens me that they contacted me with the ultimatum of "if you can't take her we have already called around for prices to have her put down." I do not understand people like this. I know things happen and sometimes it becomes hard to care for an animal, but at least give them the chance to find a home. Luckily for Sophie she is here at Hearts Haven now and never has to worry about that again. I also doubt she has been to the veterinarian anytime lately or had any shots, worming, or pest treatments being the way she seems mistreated. Therefore, this will be the next hurtle we cross with her is to get these done for her. If you would like more information about how Sophie is doing keep checking back to see her progress and let us know if you would like to make a donation to helping out with the costs for her. Thanks for stopping by.

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