Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sophie's Second Rescue

     Okay so on the last post about Sophie we talked about her being our first rescue here on the homestead, she had been abused and was not trusting at all. In fact she was down right terrified of everyone. Well she has come around greatly, she likes everyone now even Jerry and loves to be petted and loved on. She sleeps at the foot of my children's bed by the baby crib every night. Every morning she wakes me up to go outside for the day, and beats me to her chain that she is on during the day. She sits down so very nicely for you to put her on or off the leash and chain. She is just a joy to have here. 

     Well around 9PM is bed time every-night. After the kids are in bed and settled we bring Sophie in for the night and then head to bed ourselves, well we were up a little later last night and about 9 she started barking to come in... we were busy with diapers and changing into jammies and what not so she didn't come in on time. All of a sudden though she let out this horrible yelp noise that sent chills through me. I could only imagine what was out there attacking her for her to make that sound. I slid my boots on and grabbed the flashlight. As I headed out the door and off the porch I grabbed the machete "just in case" and around the cabin I shot before Jerry even had his shoes on. 

     I get around there and she had twisted her chain up so tightly into three little foot tall twigs that it was now in a knot, and a VERY tight one at that and had her collar twisted around her neck. She was barely breathing and had blood running from her mouth. I scream in panic for Jerry and started working on the chain. To no avail it was so tight I couldn't undo it or get it out of the twigs.. her collar is a buckle one by the way so no quick clip to just undo.. she had a look of complete horror and panic as she laid down. I was sure she wasn't gonna make it... 

     I ran back to the cabin thinking  "get something to cut the collar off" then realized I didn't have anything that would just cut through this thick collar. I grabbed the pliers and went back to undo the chain thinking  maybe I can un-knot it from the other end. No such luck to tight. Panicking at this point and not knowing what else to do I started hacking away at the twigs with the "very dull mind you" machete "need to sharpen that thing"... got them split and Jerry pulled them apart some but we couldn't get them all the way up or broken...

     I then realized that she had stopped breathing, in a moment of shear panic and adrenaline I forced my fingers between her twisted skin and the collar and twisted the other direction knotting myself up in it and making it even tighter on her... got the buckle undone finally and the collar off her... she laid there only a second then picked her head up and laid on my lap as i collapsed to sit next to her. I think I was shaking as bad as she was at that point. I have never in my life felt so helpless and feeling like I was watching someone or somethings life fad and being able to do nothing about it. (other than being a child when my dad passed, but that is a completely different story in its own) 

     Anyways, she is now back inside and perfectly fine. Obviously she is a fighter, she had stopped breathing for a good 10 seconds an required no resuscitation, which I probably would have done if it had been needed. No lasting effects as of yet.. not even bloodshot eyes from stopping breathing from the strangulation.. however I have a feeling that she won't be asking to go out on the chain anytime soon. Even our cat who royally hates her came up and liked her nose once inside as to say "It's okay Mom got you, your okay now"..

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