Monday, August 27, 2012

Angora wool... I Think So

     Okay so hubby and I have decided that one more thing we would like to add to the homestead are angora rabbits. I have been reading up on their care, how to collect and spin the wool, the different breeds of angoras. Then came the fun part... trying to find some close enough that we didn't have to invest a small fortune in gas to get them. That being one of the downfalls of having a Suburban.

     I have decided to start out with French Angoras. They seem to have the biggest give back on wool with the least amount of maintenance. The English were just too much work with the homestead coming up and the kids being homeschooled. Also, I found a guy who is going to give me a pair of French to get us started... I just love finding people who want to help others out, he never sells his rabbits just the wool and then slaughters them for the freezer, since the French dress out to about the same as an average meat breed.

     I also am starting to take down names and contact information for anyone who will be interested in buying the wool (raw by the ounce or handspun by the 3.5 ounce ball), and the cured pelts from our Satins. We will be starting with selling these and shipping next spring. If anyone is interested please email me at and just put "buyer list information" in the subject line. We will be putting prices up as soon as we get done figuring it all up. I am starting the list now because I expect to fill up with all the orders we can provide for pretty quickly. 

     So far, it looks as though the wool will be around $8.50 and ounce raw weight, and $25.00 for the 3.5 ounce ball. 

The cured pelts, which will have feet, head and tail removed similar to the one above unless specially requested in advance, will be $15.00 ea. Yes, I know that sounds sort of high but, our rabbits are Satin rabbits whose fur is used in the fashion industry as Faux Mink Fur due to its satiny feel and lusturious shine. (The one pictured above is not one of ours, just a picture of a normal rabbit pelt to show those who do not know what it will look like when done)

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