Monday, August 13, 2012

Meat Rabbits

So thanks to a lady in Huntsville, AR we have started our meat herd. We now have four Chocolate Satins, 2 does and 2 bucks. 

This is a great start to getting our self sufficient life started. At least now I know if something happens in the future I have some way of providing a meat supply for my family. I am planning on trading both the bucks for unrelated ones when I find some, however if something happened tomorrow I wouldn't be concerned about it though as long as I could get meat from the offspring. They are beautiful rabbits and very large. They were born 4-12-12 and are already large enough that they would probably dress out to at least a 4 pound carcass. I think we found a great dual purpose breed. The fur on them is so luxurious feeling, and i even read doing research on them that the pelts have been used as faux mink in the fashion industry because of the look and feel of their fur. They are so mild mannered to compared to my daughter's mini rex rabbit they just sit and let you pet them without spazing out and trying to escape. I think I will sell some of the offspring as fryers and pets, just to be able to have some sort of income back off of them as well as meat in the freezer.

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