Friday, July 20, 2012

Our furry loss

     So yesterday while outside washing clothes, I asked my six year old son to check on our billy goat, Gruff. He was not up and moving around and I wanted to make sure he wasn't tangle up where he couldn't reach his water. He was a tethered goat, but a happy goat. Well, Ashton went over and looked around then asked me where is he?? My first thought was just great he got loose and is gone. So I went over to see how he had gotten loose and found him lying in the brush dead. He apparently got bitten by a snake in the mouth. It had just happened as not but twenty minutes earlier he was up and bleating at me as I was leaving to get water and rigor-mortise had not started to set in yet. So I let the clothes soak for a few while I took him off the chain and added our poor little Gruff to the compost pile.

     I know right about now there is someone reading this going "Oh my, no don't add animals to your compost that is not safe" well if you read up enough it is you just have to compost correctly is all. It has to be through a thermophilic composting method for natural rendering that takes an extended time period. We do not waste anything on our farm. So now we are back on the market for a cheap goat to start over. I think this time I will look for a Nanny or doeling instead of a billy, I would rather get started with one that can be bred and give me milk along with clearing our 5 acres.

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