Monday, July 23, 2012

Homemade Cleaning Products

     Okay so taking advise from a fellow blogger I made my own laundry detergent the other day. It was a hit. Worked great on everything from my little man's cloth diapers to hubby's work clothes that I was having trouble getting clean. 

     It has a natural alternative to color safe bleach. My detergent is a liquid detergent like you get from the grocery store. It is not a gel like the recipes you find online. I am selling it is Gallon and Half Gallon sizes. The gallon jugs will do approximately 64 loads at 1/4 cup or 2 oz. per load. The half gallons will do 32 loads. The 1 Gallon size jugs cost $5.00 and the half Gallon ones are $3.00. This does not include shipping I will update that price when I get an estimate on it. However, at these prices you are paying just 8 cents a load with our Gallon size and 9 cents a load with the Half Gallon size. That is a big savings when the closest comparable store brand with color safe bleach additives cost about between 13 and 15 cents a load, and if you are buying baby detergent for your little ones clothes or cloth diapers then the savings are even more considering these run from 16 to 25 cents a load in stores. It has no perfumes in it so it is safe to those with sensitive skin as well. If you would like though a scent can be added for as little as 25 cents per jug.

     Just let me know if you would like it scented and I will let you know which scents are available at that time. All of our jugs come with child resistant tops to help keep little ones out of the detergent however you should always store it somewhere out of reach to children. I will be adding to the list of cleaning items available so keep checking back to see what new items we have. If you are interested in more information about ordering please email me at

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