Friday, September 7, 2012

Earthship Building Party

Okay so we have decided that in order to help raise the awareness in our local area about these wonderful homes and to help get the job done a little quicker we are going to be hosting an Earthship building party. This will be held on March 31, 2013 and start at 9:30 am. We are going to be treating this as a pot luck event so we ask that everyone coming either bring some kind of food or beverage (non alcoholic only please) and also if you can something off the supplies needed list. This will help with the completion of the home a little quicker. Of course you do not have to bring anything to attend, we would just like to make it easier on everyone by having food and drinks during the day.

Be sure that you wear clothing and shoe that you do not mind if they get extremely dirty because they more than likely will. We are also encouraging everyone to bring their cameras to take pictures as we will be doing the same. If you have or know anyone who has any special trade skills (such as electrical, plumbing, contracting, etc.) we are more than happy to you as we can definitely use their advice and help as well. 

Any local businesses that volunteer man hours or supplies will be advertised through our farm and on our Facebook page and this blog free for the complete life of the pages. For those who would like to attend but need somewhere to stay there is a small motel only 15 miles from our location in Huntsville, AR. I am going to speak with them about maybe a discounted rate for people from this building party if we get enough responses. If you would like anymore information on this event or to let us know that you intend to come please email us at  I have included below the supplies needed for the building party.

Supplies Needed:

electrical supplies
plumbing supplies
sledge hammer
big #10 tin cans (the huge veggie cans)
un-crushed aluminum cans
old glass bottles (even broken ones) (of any size color or kind)
bottle corks (prefer wine but any will do)
playing cards
old leather belts
bottle caps
masonry tools
plastic sheeting (at least 4 MIL)
small rocks (gravel, river rock, broken concrete, etc.)
hose pieces (garden type)
water storage containers (any size or shape)
black flex water piping
old doors ( any kind even cabinet ones )
old windows / sliding patio doors (unbroken glass please)
large glass or ceramic bowls (for sinks)
any old cabinets from home remodels
stove piping (any size)
old metal trash cans (prefer with lids)
old washing machine drum
metal tea kettle
old wooden ladder
reclaimed wood pieces
broken wooden chairs
pieces of small chain
old unbroken glass blender (pitcher part)
string lights (any color Christmas lights or rope lights) - working please
size 15 tires (as long as they can be packed with dirt doesn't matter condition)
scrap lumber
poultry netting (chicken wire)

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